by Mark Elliott

by Mark Elliott


Our design service follows the creative process where the IDEATION period generates quick sketches to share and workshop ideas with the consultant team prior to generating the Concept presentation.


During the CONCEPT stage we forge a visual document illustrating the layering of light and early information on integration details. This enables the client to visuals the impact of lighting in the project.

Schematic Design

Following approval of the Concept the SCHEMATIC DESIGN stage produces a set of plans showing light locations and types together with switch plate locations for early coordination along with initial thoughts on luminaire specifications.

Detailed Design

The DETAILED DESIGN stage concludes all information required to tender the project to contractors.

We deliver plans, schedules and specifications showing control channels, lighting integration details tailored to joinery and architectural details, detailed luminaire specifications, control schedules and switch plate drawings to conclude the lighting control strategy information.

Construction Documentation

Prior to on site works commencing we complete a set of CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTATION documents capturing and updates required for coordination our purposes.

Construction Support

CONSTRUCTION SUPPORT services include periodic site visits to ensure the installation is following the design intent and to resolve any queries or clashes on site between lighting and other services.

We will respond to queries from the contractors to clarify the design intent or to provides solutions to resolve any site issues.

At the conclusion of the construction works is where we attend site and bring the project to life through COMMISSIONING the lighting; focussing lights and programming dimming systems. Revealing the true potential of the project.

Our service can be tailored to your needs but we recommend always providing a detailed design package of information which can be taken forward by your team.


Believing firmly that all projects should appropriately consider lighting design, Lightistry provide a Pure Consulting service, which strives to ensure that all projects can benefit from creative and considered lighting advice.

We provide face to face lighting design workshops with the project design team at critical stages of the project,
initial briefing
Detailed design
Construction documentation
Giving design advice and considerations which can be further developed by the team.

At the conclusion of this process the project has benefited from the core knowledge and experience Lightistry can offer.